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Welcome to a Beautiful
Articulate Environment (B.A.E.)

Developing Beautiful Articulate People (B.A.P.)

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…be articulate…

“Words have power…choose them wisely.”

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Embrace your own beauty…

“Self-love is true love.”

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The Lyrical Journal of Sapphire Rhymes (New Version): Tear-Drop Strained Confessions and
Becoming a Beautiful Articulate Person

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Use Your Hurts To Heal

-- Amber Branch

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Become Stronger; Become Better

Sharing Stories of Positive Encouragement and Inspiration

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A lyrical journal...

...About Overcoming...

A poetic memoir about being broken and not seeing her true beauty...


...about finding her strength...


...about fighting to live and become better.

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A lyrical metamorphosis journey about...

Becoming the Genesis of Transformation

A poetic becoming story about transforming into what others said she would never be...'s about doing what others never did...'s about Becoming a Beautiful Articulate Person (B.A.P.)

Articulate Blogging

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Best becoming books for the mind, body and soul

By pwsadmin | October 8, 2021

The month of October is National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month. The entire month is an opportunity to share information and awareness about mental health. Mental awareness is not a new concept — it is a necessary therapy. Reading is also necessary to keep your mind coherent and clear from distractions. The oldest book worldwide, The…

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More about the Author

By pwsadmin | June 3, 2020

She is:  A M other B logger E mpowering speaker R evolutionary writer  She is  devoted to the well-being of her legacy.  She is  a professional writer, blogger, and motivational speaker (with over 15 years of content management experience).  She is a believer and teacher of the power of speaking articulate words, writing articulate thoughts, and being a Beautiful…

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