What’s a B.A.P?

Transforming B.A.P from Black American Princess to Beautiful Articulate Person....

In the beginning

Historically, B.A.P. has been defined as a Black American Princess.

BAP has sometimes been used as a derogatory term for black women of upper and upper-middle class background, who possess (or are perceived to possess) a spoiled or materialistic attitude. Hollywood even capitalized on the term in the 1997 parody comedy movie, B.A.P.S, starring Halle Berry.

Book cover and poster of Becoming a Beautiful Articulate Person

Write Now

In 2020, best-selling author, Amber Branch released her lyrical novel redefining a BAP as a Beautiful Articulate Person.


1. Beau·ti·ful /ˈbyo͞odəfəl/ (adjective) Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically; of a very high standard; excellent.


2. Ar·tic·u·late. /ärˈtikyələt/ (adjective) capable of speaking easily and clearly; often describes someone who is well‑spoken.

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The genesis of the future

The future of BAP is the genesis of transformation.

A BAP is becoming an individual who has surpassed all definitions of what it means to be normal.

They are open-minded with a keen discernment for all things not easily observed by the general public. They speak clearly and coherently with affection and compassion and motivate others to become their own form of beautiful.

This  term should no longer be used to refer to one group of individuals. It shall be available to any demographic that fits the criteria  (or is willing to).

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B.A.P Redefined



About the author/founder

Amber Branch, the author of two published lyrical novels, portrays the art of becoming the genesis of transformation through her poems. She is internationally respected as a linguistics/technical communication expert and writing coach.


Whether providing one-on-one career-advancement advice, hosting webinars, facilitating e-learning courses, implementing marketing/design concepts, or mentoring young ladies; she utilizes her 15+ years of experience & remarkable credentials, innovatively to help others.


She also serves as the head consultant of web and info-design for Articulate Business Group (ABG). She holds two degrees. Her first degree is in Journalism and her second, from the University of North Texas, is in Linguistics/Technical Communication.


One of Amber’s favorite quotes comes from Ernest Hemingway

“...the writer must write what he has to say, not to speak it...”

This statement is what led her to start Articulate Business Group LLC. She believes articulate writing is the foundation for articulate speaking followed by being what you speak about (becoming).


Her books are created for anyone who has ever felt un-beautiful and unworthy of love.


"May my words be uplifting and remind you, you're your own beauty and that's articulately beautiful!" -- Amber Branch

Instagram: @articulatebeauty1

TikTok: @articulatebeauty1


Special invitation from the author

My latest best-selling book, The Lyrical Journal of Sapphire Rhymes, recently receive a facelift (cover revision).


You can purchase the book on this website or on Amazon